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Wurzburg Dog Park dedication in Martinsburg on November 13th. Park opens on Friday, November 14th.

Mini-Grants to Berkeley & Morgan County Teachers Reception Friday, November 14th.

Felicia Fuller, Finance & Administration Manager

Michael Whalton,

Executive Director

Amy Pancake,

Affiliate Director & Scholarship Coordinator

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Scott Roach, President

Darlene Truman,


Lisa Welch


Diane Dailey,


Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation Officers for 2014


    The Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation is about Local Leadership . . . overseeing Local Assets . . . meeting Local Needs . . .

   Our Mission?  To improve the quality of life in the Eastern Panhandle by building permanent endowment to benefit Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan Counties.

   Our Vision?  To Gather Grow and Grant.  Our goal is to build or gather a permanent endowment for our community.  Gifts of any amount build our local strength.  Rather than spend your gift, we invest it, and grow its worth.  Then, each year, earnings from the investments are used to provide grants to charities and scholarships to students in our community.

    Our Organization? Established in 1995, the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation has grown to be one of the largest grantmakers in the region with more than $17 million in assets. In 2013, the average endowed fund at the Community Foundation enjoyed investment gains of more than 14% for the year. And, during the past four years, a total of slightly more than $3.5 million was granted to local nonprofit organizations and charitable causes.

    All of our financial records are open for inspection and many can be downloaded from our web site. To access our annual audit or IRS Form 990 follow this link to the “About Us” page on our web site.

Eastern West Virginia

Community Foundation

229 East Martin Street, Suite 4

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phone:  (304) 264-0353 

facsimile:  (888) 507-8375



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Two Rivers Giving Circle Fund to Award Environmental and Preservation Grants

    Members of the Two Rivers Giving Circle will be recommending a total of nearly $8,000 in grants this October.  Programs and projects that are eligible for funding include:

¬Safeguarding Habitat:  Protection of habitat is critical to the preservation of biodiversity.   Focus is placed on buffer zones, wildlife areas, watersheds, and functioning ecosystems. ¬Children and Nature: Education and involvement of the next generation is extremely important.  Programs that address youth activism, knowledge, hands-on activity, and physical movement.

¬Saving Panhandle Treasures:  We all have a deep caring for our countryside and heritage.  Initiatives that provide increased protection of historic, cultural, and pastoral places in the Panhandle.

¬Waste and Recycling: Efforts that catalyze underserved recycling efforts, promote effective household waste treatment and deter non-point source pollution in the Panhandle.

¬Energy Conservation: Initiatives that promote increasing energy conservation and decreasing consumption behaviors in our Panhandle community.

¬Growing the Movement:  Programs that engage, organize, and empower new constituencies who add to the advancement of programs through volunteerism and leadership that lead to new ways of thinking and acting.